[GAME] Lil Cowpoke -- an endless pixel runner for Android

UPDATE: The game has moved out of beta and is now officially live! See below for more details.

After his horse is scared off by a sudden earthquake, Lil Cowpoke has no choice but to hop on his pig and ride after him.

Avoid obstacles by swiping, tapping, and holding onto rope for dear life, as you jump, slide, shoot, and swing your way across an endless landscape!

How long can you survive during this difficult and exciting adventure?!

Lil Cowpoke, a 2d endless pixel runner, is now in open beta for Android:


Watch the gameplay:

Or see the screenshots:

Join the Android open beta today!


Feedback welcomed :slight_smile:


I love that he has to jump on his pig, and that he launches into outer space :smiley:

Thanks Josh!

My initial idea was to have the cowboy riding the horse, chasing after the pig who escaped, but I very quickly realized it would be a much more unique and interesting idea if I reversed it.

Time actually slows down when you launch into outer space, so it acts as a breather and gives you a few moments of rest before getting back into the action… The game is very fast paced!


The game is officially live in the Google Play store!

I would very much appreciate anybody who’s willing to download and rate/review it :slight_smile: It would certainly be very helpful indeed :smiley:

Thank you ahead of time!!!

I also wanted to say thanks to the few beta testers who tried the game out early and gave feedback! It proved to be invaluable and helped solved 3 critical issues that needed to be resolved before going live:

  1. Android Marshmallow support was broken
  2. The game was zoomed in too far on devices using a 4:3 aspect ratio
  3. The tutorial was too difficult and hard to understand how to beat each obstacle

I’m proud to say that all 3 of these issues are now fixed and in production! (The solution to #3 was to pause the game before each obstacle during the tutorial, display some help text on how to beat said obstacle, and then wait for the user to apply the correct input before continuing on.)

Thanks again to all beta testers and those who are just now downloading the game for the very first time! You guys rock!!! :allthethings: