FYI: Service Worker support

Hey everyone,

I have been hearing about the newest Firefox, released today. It supports “Service Workers”, a method of running JavaScript workers outside the page. Notably, this provides support, for, say, push notifications even if the page that created the notification process is closed.

This is pretty interesting, and apparently is supported in Chrome and Opera as well:

I think that we could consider a general push notification (or similar) API for use in Lime, unified across HTML5 as well as mobile or possibly desktop. If anyone is interested in push notifications or pushing forward core support for this type of feature, let me know. This might be an interesting area of growth :slight_smile:

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Push notifications is certainly interesting, although as I have experienced with iOS they can be very obtrusive especially when taking calls and it interferes with it. As long as the implementation is non-obtrusive, I’m all for it.

In addition, desktop push notifications, such as on Windows, you get in the bottom-right corner of the screen whenever something in the background does something. So a native implementation would be very handy, indeed. Although I think it would be beneficial if that were a linc library (I’ve always liked linc libraries and are very useful.)

There are upsides and downsides to having a separate library. Sometimes, its nice to have one single haxelib that includes “all the crayons you need out of the box”, but being separate lends itself to more mix-and-match.

The only issue with Linc is it is only compatible with C++ targets. Lime has been used on Windows (for example) with C++, Neko, Java and Node.js, three of which would fail to work on Linc.