Fullscreen? Come on, we want to set it manually

Hi there!
When I set application to fullscreen mode, then everytime it goes to the native desktop resolution. Why?
Application.current.window.resize(800, 600); not helped.
We want to set fullscreen resolution manually! :smiley:

Is lime still using SDL backend?
If yes, PLEASE, replace this:


with this:


Thanks :wink:

I think the default behavior (maintain a window size, when windowed, but use the desktop display resolution when fullscreen) is a good default

but I agree, we need display mode switching. In order to properly handle that, though, we need the ability to 1.) see what displays are used 2.) pick which display and 3.) list the display modes supported and 4.) handle .resize() when already in fullscreen to do display mode switching

Well, not everyone can play on FullHD resolution with stable 60 fps, for example. When player has no way to change fullscreen resolution - it is terrible. As for me.

Openfl had this feature, but now - no:

Openfl had this feature, but now - no:

Do you have any plans, when we should wait this features?
Thanks :wink:

We need to add the concept of display info (supporting multiple displays) in the Lime API somewhere, then we can introduce the concept of display mode switching (since you’ll know what valid choices you have available)

Once this is in Lime 2, it will be accessible from OpenFL. The legacy code had some patches in to allow display mode switching but did not understand multiple displays and had some inconsistencies with switching in and out of fullscreen after setting a fullscreen resolution

Sorry for necro-ing, but has anything happened with this since this was last posted to?

Bump on this again!

It would be nice to be able to set the window size manually. I think it’s a common feature on desktop games to allow the player to define the game resolution.


Bump on this one as well, I’m considering releasing on steam but if the game can run at the desktop resolution, I’ll be forced to make it Windowed mode only, so I’m not sure I’ll still put it on Greenlight.

We’re tracking it here:

That issue was closed 4 months ago, does that mean that it’s supported now?

I haven’t tried it recently, but I believe you should be able to get the current display of a lime.ui.Window using window.display, which gives you access to the currentMode or supportedModes. After changing to fullscreen, try setting window.displayMode to one of these DisplayMode values. I believe that should enable you to switch to a different mode, with a lower resolution, different refresh rate, etc.

I believe it’s a non-op on HTML5 or Flash, but should work for native desktop at least