Fromat lib exemple

I just start with Haxe/OpenFl.
I like if I can access PDF files pages , buffer them to manipulate them.

as well I haven’t found any exemple of the format lib,
So I don’t really know how to open the PDF files

I did found this tho:

thanks for your help,
I like to make an cross-platform app for a fast approch of reading btw.

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I’ve used AlivePDF with Flash and ActionScript before, I have tried this port, but it looks interesting :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot for your reply,
The Lib looks cool

I did get the lib(AlivePDF),
But I haven’t figured out how to open PDF files,
In the lib I haven’t found a read() function, I did find a open() function but it doesn’t have argument in it, like string to input the file or page.
any help would be appreciated, thanks