Fresh install from the "download" page and I can't run even a sample project (Windows 10)

Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve done anything with haxe/openfl. I wanted to get back to it and performed a clean install of haxe and openfl, following the instructions from the downloads page. The download page links to haxe 4.0.5.

haxelib install openfl installed version 9.0.0 of openfl
haxelib run openfl setup worked, apparently.

when I try to run any of the samples, or a new project from scratch, or any of my personal projects I get the same error:

C:/HaxeToolkit/haxe/lib/openfl/9,0,0/packages/geom/src/openfl/geom/Matrix.hx:4: characters 8-41 : Type not found : openfl._internal.utils.ObjectPool  

btw, It doesn’t matter if I try to test or build for neko or windows or html5 (the ones I tried) :frowning:

I did find similar issues in the forum/google but they don’t look like it’s this specific case :thinking:

Seems there’s a problem with openfl 9.0.0 that was just released. Try downgrading openfl and lime for now.

haxelib set openfl 8.9.7
haxelib set lime 7.7.0

Hey, it worked when I downgraded, thanks!

I actually tried that yesterday, but only for openfl, maybe I had to explicitly downgrade lime as well.

btw, I feel a little bit worried about someone who could be first trying openfl (I recommend openfl to everyone that wants to make interactive 2d stuff) and give up because they can’t make it work by following the official instructions. Maybe the installation tutorial could point to openfl 8.9.7 for now?

There is a new version live on Haxelib now (9.0.1) that should correct the missing files in the 9.0.0 release package