Forum, Slack, Discord etc

Hi all,
I 'd like to know what’s happening in the different available boards/platforms.

I only use the forum, but what about Slack, Discord, whatever…?
I am oldschool and would like to stay with forum, almost completely ignoring other tools and socials (they are terribly time-consuming), but I think I will have to desist… I have just (casually) discovered in the blog (Twitter) that Lars succeeded with the Nintendo Switch… I understand I should read socials more often…

Hey GiG,
Slack was used previously and now all chatting has moved to Discord. I’m still using slack OpenFL group to check all forum new posts and replies and all github related notifications like new pull requests, commits and other stuff. Discord is pretty useful to chat instead of posting to forum. Give it a try through discord website without installing the actual software.

How do you discuss a news/problem/request in Discord? A generic chat or a specific one? Before registering the millionth account I’d like to know more about it :wink:

It’s group messaging, it’s common to mute channels so you get notified only if someone mentions you, so you’re able to drop in when you have time, or ignore it when you need to work. We have different chat channels (like #general, #random, #openfl-dev, #lime-dev) but can create more if we want

Oky Doky, thanks, it could be interesting.