Forum not opening from dacha

For more than 2 months already I can’t access from dacha. IP there is 78.25.123.*. I just see a blank page, as if the servers drops the connection.

The rest sections of the site (api, docs, etc) work normally.

Hmm, that’s strange.

There are a couple IP addresses that were blocked from spammers, I see or or but not yours. Does the page report any errors?

No, I just get blank page :frowning:

What web browser do you use?

In firefox you can do Control+Shift+Q to open the network tool, reload the page and see what the http code is (200 is ok, 500 isn’t…)

I’ll try!

You’ve changed something, it works now!

Great! Perhaps when I changed the blocks it took some time to populate, or I also upgraded the forum system, maybe it was a little bug. Glad it’s working now! :slight_smile: