Fonts suddenly not loading (page hanging)

I noticed this page week that some of my game pages are not fully loading. When I look at the browser’s console error message, I get this


Here’s a link to one of the games that is having this issue: CauseEffect

The 520 http status response your font file load returned is a sort of “catch-all” one. Can you directly access the font full url on your browser? I wasn’t abe to load them in mine using these urls I got from yout link: and

When I try to load them I get this error

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Thank you. You’re right, I’m getting the same response. I called my host (GoDaddy) and had them restart PHP and I also purged the cache at CloudFlare. I’m not knowledgable about server-side funtions, do you have any advice about what else I try?

It seems other file types are being loaded correclty, like the javascript file . Did you try to upload the fonts files again? Also, you may check if your server is correctly set to enable the eot and ttf files transfer - it should be, but it won’t hurt to check this out.

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I will. This site (and files) has been up for many years and just stopped working this week. That 502 makes me think it’s something server side, but I just can’t tell for sure. I’ve tried deleleting everything, recompliling, clearing cashe of DNS. This one really has me stumped…

Strangely, some game pages load fonts and some don’t. I’m trying to narrow down which ones.