Font Embed Error

I keep getting an error when trying to used embedded font. Here is the error message “[Fault] exception, information=TypeError: Error #1006: __fromBytes is not a function.
” I’ve tried using 3 different ways and none of them worked.

Calling the embedded class that I extended from the Font class.

class ArialFontBold extends Font { }

UIStyleManager.BUTTON_TEXT_EMBED = new ArialFontBold();

Font.registerFont method

class ArialFontReg extends Font { }


I even tried the Asset.loadFont and Asset.getFont but they returned null.

trace(Assets.getFont("./assets/becc/font/arial.ttf").fontType );

To use the Assets class, you need to add an <assets /> tag to project.xml. For instance:

<assets path="assets" />

This will embed everything (besides a few specific exceptions) from inside your assets folder. However, when it does this, it will assign an identifier starting with “assets”, not “./assets.”

Try this instead:


Or, to see which assets were embedded successfully, try this:


I really wanted to go with the embed option just because one of the the tools I have compile things down into a single .swf or binary file. My goal is to embed the assets that are needed once the developer import the class that require them.

In that case, try <assets path="assets" embed="true" /> to make Lime generate the correct @:font() tags.

I got everything working using asset tag but is there a way to embed the font without using it?

You can see how Lime does it by going to Export/[platform]/release/haxe/DefaultAssetLibrary.hx. The @:font tags will be near the bottom.

Ok, that sounds good man. Thanks for the help.

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