Font antialiasing on neko and cpp

Hello All,

need help with font rendering. On flash target i see nearly good looking (not as good as i want, but ok), but on neko and cpp, i see totaly pixelated letters.

Especially bad with smaller font-size:

What can i do with this thing?

Thanks in advance!

This looks like an issue with non-premultiplied alpha in legacy:

no. in legacy it works just fine, it is latest openfl without legace flag.

Oh, gotcha. There was an over-multiplication of alpha issue with Cairo text that was just fixed and released in the new version of Lime yesterday. Give it a try and see if that resolves it for you :slight_smile:

yaeh, works fine, thanks!)

may i ask you one more question, do you know anything on progress with uneditable TextFields on neko/cpp? I mean this issue:

HTML5 canvas has input text support, we need to port this to a shared code implementation so that input text is more general, and not renderer specific.

so will it be soon or not?

As soon as possible, not sure when

ok. thanks a lot :yum: