FlashDevelop & USB Debugging

Hi all!

Well, this question is a bit off-topic because it ain’t OpenFL related at all but maybe someone here
knows the answer!
If we’re compiling for Mobile Air/Android there’s the option to receive debug messages via WiFi & USB. At
least that’s what they say about FlashBuilder. With FlashDevelop I was just able to debug using WiFi so far.
Did someone ever managed to debug using USB? If so, what’s the process like?

EDIT: Nevermind - I was able to figure it out myself.

I don’t know what you meant by debug through USB but I did use to have FlashDevelop and connected through USB to upload the apk. Maybe you could share so someone experiencing the same problem benefits from your finding.

Connect your phone with computer, run adb and type adb devices this should recognize your phone.
Run cmd from your project folder and type

lime trace android (or whatever)

Click debug icon from FD and that’s all.

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If it doesn’t, make sure you have ADB enabled in your phone’s developer settings, and try selecting “USB for transferring files” rather than “USB for charging device.”

Also, make sure you’re using the cable that came with your phone, or at least a high-quality cable. Surprisingly, not all cables work with ADB.

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Sometimes not even all usb drivers work with adb, I found out. Had to get a special samsung one at the time and uninstall the default windows one.

I also have problems with Samsung. Can you share drivers with me?

I think I still have them on another laptop, I’ll check tomorrow gonzos and report back.

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much easier to find this time around. Here you go.
These are even newer than what I have installed so you should be ok, these fixed my issues at the time though I can’t really recall what it was exactly. Just that these worked.

No luck for me with Samsung phone and this driver.

What is the model of the Samsung phone you’re using gonzos ?
At the time I was having problems with a note 3.