FlashDevelop Global Classpaths

So I’m trying to use an external library.
Went to Project Properties > Classpaths > Edit Global Classpaths
Selected AS3 from the dropdown menu and added the folder I want to include.
It shows up in the project panel just fine but it’s like it doesn’t find any of the classes that are listed there.

Tried to import com.greensock.TweenLite and immediately get the error:
Type not found : com.greensock.TweenLite

I also tried import com.greensock.core; and it said No classes found in com.greensock.core

Do I need to add something to the project.xml?

Lime ignores FlashDevelop’s classpath settings, so you have to add it to project.xml. You’ll also need to make externs for the library.

Have you considered using Actuate instead? It won’t require nearly as much setup (just add it as a Haxelib), and since it’s written in Haxe rather than AS3, you’ll get better performance.

Actually I have my own tweening class I’m just using a memorable example to figure out how classpaths work in OpenFL.
Can you go into more detail? What tag do I use in project.xml? Do I use a relative path or absolute? How do externs work is that like an interface?

Or will I be better off copying and pasting libraries into project directory?

The first thing to try is using the <source /> tag. It shouldn’t matter whether you use a relative or absolute path.

If that doesn’t work, you’'ll need to compile your library into a SWF or SWC file, and include it with the <library /> or <swf /> tag. (Doesn’t matter which tag; they’re synonyms.)

That worked.
Turns out I was trying to import a .hx class that didn’t have the class name defined.
Herp derp

Thank you!