[flash] Tilemap smoothing doesn't work

There is no difference between true or false the tilemap smoothing flag is.

I thought it might be like the bitmap smoothing flag.

Which target please?


It’s about flash target

It should have smoothing set, would you mind sharing a small sample or code snippet of something that helps reproduce what you are seeing?

Thank you!

It turns out, Flash Player won’t respect the smoothing flag on bitmapData.draw unless the source is a BitmapData. In order to reference a sub-rectangle from the original tileset.bitmapData, we were using a bitmap with a scroll rect.

I’ve just changed this to work – but now changes to tileset.bitmapData will not be respected unless you do tileset.bitmapData = bitmapData; to reset it. Other APIs on Flash work this way – but I can’t enforce that behavior elsewhere without performing an extra BitmapData copy. I’m not sure I want to hurt other targets that way.

The bottom-line is that we now have a difference in how Tilemap works on Flash compared to other targets – but now that smoothing is respected, and most projects probably will not change the tileset.bitmapData content after-the-fact, this is probably the better compromise.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Thank you very much!))