HI Guys,

Would like to recieve some input how to migrate my little flash website to a HTML5 website.

Thank you so much



Well, it depends a bit on your goals, whether you want it to work exactly the same, what features you use (video? streaming sound?), whether it is text or animation heavy, whether you want to optimize for mobile browsers, and other concerns

Oh, and whether you have the original source code


thank you for responding.

what i have managed by my self it this:

i have converted the swf file to a mp4 file.

the website as running in flash can be seen @


yes it would be nice a 1on1 transfermigrate from flash to html5

i already got a M version paralel running for the mobile side of things. that is already all taken care of .

uhh the orginal source code means ? what , i have all the files on the server i own the server i own the files

thnx for reaching out

Do you have FLAs, or ActionScript code, for the Flash SWFs, or do you only have SWFs?

i only have the .swf and the mp4 version of that 2

The “NyanCat” and “SimpleSWFLayout” samples, as well as the “Using SWF Assets” tutorial are examples for how SWF files can be used for images and animation, but ActionScript ByteCode in the SWF is not supporting by OpenFL at this time, so it would be necessary to re-code any scripting that exists inside of the SWF, such as making buttons clickable. You could also use a SWF decompiler (there are multiple available on the web) to extract the graphics to make it easier to recreate the website

Spray83, if I’m understanding correctly that you’re not a programmer, I think your better approach might be to focus on using your mobile site code and just modifying that a little to look nice for desktop/laptop computers. It’s actually not that bad already when loaded on my computer, but you could upload some nicer images and modify the CSS some to make it look nicer.

I apologize if I’ve misunderstood where you’re coming from.


thank you for your time, i am not a programmmer, how ever i do have a good understanding of it,
the point is making the same website as flash in html5 because i really like this, and i have a mobile version , that only needs to be for mobile.

hi, thank you for your time, so i see you have understanding how to do this, what would you charge to make that happen from flash to html5