Flash and C++ to Alternative Flash?

I have a c++ project that embeds flash.ocx activex as user interface, not much of animations but mostly of actionscript 2 code communicating with c++ and back and fourth.

Since flash player will not be updated or even not exist after 2020 and i hope not to be vanished,
will any of the openfl solutions can replace my flash needs inside the c++ project i have ?

Can i have any of the openFl embed inside my standalone c++ win32 app and use my existed as2 code and user interface with openFl or any open source equilevant ?

Thanks in advance for any help or guidance on the issue

OpenFL can currently build to multiple technologies, including C++, Neko VM, Flash, JavaScript, or we have also had proof-of-concept work with C# and Java.

The C++ output relies upon the Haxe C++ standard library, which includes a few things such as boot code and a garbage collector. Other targets (such as JavaScript), however, are designed to be managed, and in some contexts might be easier to embed – though I’ve tried embedding WebKit and that certainly isn’t “easy” if it isn’t already done :slight_smile:

We would like to continue to improve OpenFL to make it more useful as a library, complementing a larger context. The use case you describe has been done before, but I regret there are no samples I know of.

We do support SWF-based assets, but not ActionScript 2 code, however, ActionScript 2 is not that different from Haxe code, so theoretically that could be converted (which means that the code is then portable to the above target language runtimes)

Thanks for the response, since i am not so expert in this new languages haxe c++ and openFl.
What are the steps i should take first in my c++ project to use openFl or haxe or whatever i need to use
and then what steps do i need to do to embed a flash user interface inside this project and convert the .as code i have now to haxe code if i understood well.

Any link or just a general answer would be fine just to make it clear to me to start searching how to do it
and if it can be done ofcourse

Y.s. i assume that flash player wont be needed in the systems that this application will run after the convertion and use of OpenFl and haxe. Am i correct ?