Flash and Android targets almost always work, html5 many times, but windows never work

I never had problem with Flash and Android targets. They work 99.9% times. HTML5.0 too works, but fail sometimes. However, I never could see my windows target ever work. What can be the issue with the windows target ? Do i need to install something additional ? ( I am using Windows 8.0)

Did you install Visual Studio C++ Express? You need that in order to compile Windows C++ (similar to needing the Android SDK/NDK to build for the platform). Could you share what messages you get on the output, if it does not work?

No, I never get any error. After building, and generating a lot of verbose in the output screen, it launches a window, which is completely white and blank.

I am having the following entries in my installation. So, i think, everything is there.

Could you try any of the OpenFL samples (like DisplayingABitmap, etc) to see if they work for you?

hmm… it seems working well for windows too now . I am quite sure, they did not work before yesterday, i had updated lime and open Fl . But anyway, thanks for the inputs. It solves my problem.

Still however, I got away3d examples working for Flash and Android now ( after updating lime especially) . For example, Basic_Fire example works good for both Flash and Android.

But does not work on HTML5.0 and Windows. Html5.0 shows a black screen, while windows shows white screen.

It could be a little thing in the GL code they use, but it might also just be little details in improving the Stage3D compatibility layer, it’s pretty new :slight_smile:

Yes, that makes sense.