FLA to OpenFL tutorials


I would like to convert a big Flash project made with CS6 Flas professional to OpenFL with FlashDevelop (or else?). I understood how to manage the Actionscript class files but don’t know what to do with all the movieclipes and graphics in the FLA files which it uses btw UI components.
Is there any tutorial on this subject?
Thanks and happy new year


ActionScript class files can be converted automatically using the “as3hx” tool or converted by hand. I prefer doing it by hand myself (with a few find/replace scripts) since it helps me work through untyped areas of code manually and helps me see problem areas that may require additional attention to port well.

OpenFL supports much of the standard Flash 9/Flash 10 API, though unfortunately this does not generally include the “fl.*” components or “mx.*” Flex Framework classes. There is a bit of work done for fl.* classes here though I am unsure of its stability or completeness.

There is a SWF library that supports SWF assets, omitting most scripts, new tweens, morph shapes and sounds. It has been used most for static assets, and there is a little bit of support for animated MovieClips. I’ve long been excited about the prospects of FLA/SWF support though most of the energy over time has gone toward alternative formats (spritesheets, etc) so animation (especially) has not received as much development work over time.

A feature that I also recommend looking at using (as needed) is the “Export as Bitmap” option within the Adobe Animate IDE. This allows Animate to flatten objects into a bitmap when exporting the SWF, reducing complexity and guaranteeing that rendering will be identical to the original. This is really useful for complex vector shapes that may not perform as well when converted to HTML5 canvas

Hi Bertrand,
Movieclips can be called into openfl using haxe’s swf library. But UI components are complex enough and I personally think it’s not easy to use them. Instead for UI components you will need make your own classes or use some sort of ui library for haxe.

thanks all for your answers.
are there any UI components equivalent in OpenFL like Tree, Combobox, Radio, List, Scrollpane?
I still don’t catch how to concretely use the vectors and bitmap I made from Flash pro to an IDE and how it’s converted to standard targets for the web. What will represent the graphics at the end? Some HTML DIV + SVG? Bitmap? thanks

Two libraries to check out might be HaxeUI (I think you need to use Github to get the current version) and Feathers, maybe more?

Ok thanks I will check it.
I’m afraid this is too much work for me.
Where can I start a bounty on openfl.org? maybe it’s better to hire someone…

The #jobs section may be a good place to start, or you can try the OpenFL Discord :slight_smile: