FileReference.upload on HTML5?

Hi, I’m creating a project targeting HTML5, and when I tryed to use FileReference.upload() I got a warning about it not being implemented. Is this true? Are there alternatives for the on HTML5?

Upload was implemented for C++ and other native targets in 9.3.0, but for html5, it is indeed still unsupported. I think it’s technically possible to get the file data from the HTML input element that FileReference uses on the html5 target, but I guess no one has looked into yet.

I see… thank you!

Fortunately the FileReference.load() is supported (I would expect the opposite :wink: ), so I loaded the file binary content and converted it to a Base64 string. Then I could upload it as usual with URLLoader.

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Is there a way to implement FTP file uploading from the HTML5 target? I was looking for an alternative for larger files, but I couldn’t find a way. I believe the Lime’s CURL object is’nt available for the HTML5 target…

JS in browsers basically supports only HTTP and web sockets. For FTP, you’d need full native sockets.