FileDialog on Mac


I have compiled an app on Mac (OSX El Capitan) but the FileDialog doesn’t work : it opens the browse window but all files are grey and I can’t choose any file.

The app works on Windows.

I guess there is some security thing on Mac. I have opened the app with sudo but it still doesn’t work. Am I missing something?

tested with last openfl/lime.

Does it let you select folders? Are you trying with or without file filters? (could be a problem with the filter?)

Yes,I’m using the filter.

dialog.browse(FileDialogType.OPEN, 'xml', defaultPath, 'Open xml');

Indeed I can select folder.

I’ll try right now to remove the filter.

So, this is working on Mac:
dialog.browse(FileDialogType.OPEN, null, defaultPath, 'Open xml');

You’re right, the filter doesn’t work on Mac.

I forget the format, if it wants a dot, or a wildcard, or perhaps there is a bug here for the Mac filter in general

Ok thanks I’ll try with different format.

Well, I try different formats but it works only when I set null in the filter.