Hey guys, I’m migrating my project from AIR for the cpp target and I can’t seem to figure out how to get the file path of the selected file in the native dialog ui. In AIR I could check the nativePath property of a File Class object after the select event is fired but OpenFL has no File class. I took a look at the Lime FileDialog API but I didn’t see anything relative.

What am I missing?

Any feedback would be welcome to this new Haxe developer…I am really at a loss here…

Edit: Sorry… actually after trying the Limes FileDialog API in action I discovered that the path is specifically what it passes. Excuse my ignorance.

I was going to just delete the thread but I suppose I will leave it up for anyone else that might have this same dilemma.

Thank you for Haxe + OpenFL guys…I love it!

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