File downloading from cpp Android and Code 28

During download of assets from online resource, also changing online resource, I’ve noticed some strage http error code.
During changing type of network I noticed that this error appear mostly with wireless network (in emulator and in device using WiFi, 3G and 4G) not appear using cable network attached directly to PC using emulator.

Searching on the net I’ve found something about Code Error 28 in http but nothing related, for my knowledge, to my case.
Anyone know nothing about this Code error? Any experience?

Thanks in advance.

Is this helpful?

Thanks for reply singmajesty.
I’m using this code for make my calls:

var request:HTTPRequest<Bytes> = new HTTPRequest<Bytes> ();
request.timeout = 30000;
var urlToCall:String = url;
request.method = GET;

request.load (urlToCall).onComplete (function (bytes) {
}).onError (function (error) {
}).onProgress (function (progress:Int, bo:Int) {

Do you know if HTTPRequest insert this referrer in header? I’m going to call direct url without passing any other site or jump.

My issue is surely a timeout issue (according with curl code 28 error time out). Otherwise is realted with number of simoultaneously download (with 5 error has really low chance to appear, with ten you lose about 5 download). In my feeling timeout issue is realted with something between cpp and nginx because using java and launch same kind of downloads (ten of fifthteen simultaneously) cause no issues. (I’m going to download some files for a total of 160MB)

Thanks for support :slight_smile:

What version are you using?

If you have a lot of simultaneous requests, it’s possible that it was timing out prematurely, we have a fix in Lime 5.7:

I’m working with stencyl engine and I cannot update versions as I will but, with a double jackknife :star_struck::joy::joy:, i succesfully import all curl mod since 28 August. On a first look seems your modifications solves more than code 28 issue, downloads using wifi seems more performant.
Now I’m going to check some other real device.

Thanks for advice.