File Association

I want when you click on a custom file to open with my program in windows. Will I I have to manually edit the registry ?

I’ve been wondering something vaguely similar. I sometimes make script files and compile them to Neko, and I want to be able to drag and drop files onto the .n files.

Currently I have to make a batch file that passes any command-line arguments through to the script file. (It works, but it’s inconvenient.)

As for your problem, have you tried right-clicking, choosing “open with,” and choosing a new default program?

Yes. Thats works but I would like to send the program to a colleague, this feature is not required but would add a professional feel but if it can’t be done automatically then it’s alright.

That’s usually handled by the program installer. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to make one.

Thanks anyway I’ll look into a program installer :smile:

What extension do you want to handle, for what purpose?

Depending on what you want to do, there might be another way to approach it :slight_smile:

The extension is a custom binary data one. (".tmap") it just contains tile data. I can read the file but I was hoping for a way to make my program the default one. There are no other program associations to it. I have to (on windows) go to open with instead I would like it to auto associate the program with the file extension.

Ah, gotcha, so you’re doing an editor. That’s neat. Keep going :wink:

you can use Sys.command() to use command prompt
(there a ProcessHelper in Lime,too

this is how to use regedit.exe

you can create a .reg file
(or you can create a text file and save as .reg in runtime :kissing:
and use command prompt to add regstry in game

this is how to create a file association registry

hope this help you :kissing:

Thanks this information should help. Ok so I do need to use the registry, I was mostly wondering how to access it through haxe but this might be the solution.

I found a library called “systools” (it’s in haxelib, too)
it let you modify registry directly
better than messing around with regedit?

This should be better that using regedit. Thanks