FeathersUI stange issue with html5 minify

Hi, I’m facing a strange problem with my project aimed at HTML5 with TextInput and TextArea FeathersUI objects. When I build the project without minifying the result, like openfl build html5 everything work as expected. However, if I minify the result with openfl build html5 -minify the result works, but text input on these objects seems to be broken. Is this a known probleam?

This is not a known problem. In fact, I’ve always made sure to test all components in html5 using the -final option. In addition to minifying the code, -final also uses dce full.

I just gave openfl test html5 -minify a try with the components-explorer sample, and all TextInput and TextArea components are working as expected.

Do you see any exceptions in your web browser’s debug console?

No, no issues on the debug, but I noticed it does not happen all the time - it it fails, I just build it again and chances are it will work. I’m using openfl build command, not test. Could this be the issue?

Here, a video of the issue. At this TextArea, I was typing without response for some time, then the chars appeared, but no line break - the text becomes truncated.

Oh, I tried with “test” instead of “build”, but the problem happens as well, but only when minify is used. However If I use -final I couldn’t reproduce the issue… Sorry if I didn’t get it right, but I beleived -final and -minify would do the same thing, but even the resulting file size is different.

Test runs build first, and then, it launches your browser. There’s no difference in output.

-final is not exactly the same as -minify. It is -minify plus the -dce full compiler option. So -final will be a bit smaller than -minify. If something is broken with -minify, I would expect it to also be broken with -final because -final includes the same minification.

Are you using the latest Haxelib releases of Lime, OpenFL, and Feathers UI?

I doubt that I can suggest anything further without seeing some code that I can use to reproduce on my computer. I suggest simplifying your project to be as small as possible, ideally just a single view containing a TextArea or TextInput, where it can still reproduce the issue.

I see. Good to know this difference between minify and final. I checked out and, yes, everything on lastest version.

I believe the issue didn’t happen before using final due to the “random nature” of it. I just built with final now and things messed up again… I’ll try to reproduce it on a smaller project as you suggested to check it out and come back here. Thank you a lot!

Oh, I’m also using the -D haxeJSON build directive on this project. Does this change something?

I’m not familiar with this one, but it seems unlikely to affect anything related to TextArea or TextInput.

Just in case, layout extension is also affected by -final with html5 target. The centered items shift to the left.