Favorite spammer?


In the course of fighting recent spam, I learned that Discourse has a nifty (new!) polling system. Pretty sweet, so time to try it out.

Who is your favorite spammer?

  • marianarivera3210
    I was on the edge of my seat with that one!
  • patriciarobert02
    You have my vote for originality!
  • freddie_bamwar3
    This one was better than than war1 and war2!

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bamwar i think is my favourite. but then again thats probably because of all the ‘hey BAMWAR’ ‘try it’ ‘BAMWAR, RARR’!!! :wink:
so think its in my mind so much. i did check it out. its just a MMORPG from what i saw :wink:

…where you “pretend” to verify new spam forum accounts, and post repetitive spam messages to said forum every few minutes? Sounds like a treat! :smile:


While it’s amusing to see how relaxed you are, I certainly wouldn’t be in this situation.

There should either be an approval process for new accounts, or limit new accounts to only view topics until after a 72-hour period. Two ways to prevent spam.

Ideally, recaptcha would be nice when signing up, but it seems Discourse doesn’t have that functionality :confused:

The reason most people sign up is to get help about their problem, so most techniques are impractical in that regard.

Waiting 72h would simply create a 72h lag between the creation of a bot account and spamming, and bots succeed at captcha better than us.

Sadly the options we have are limited.

anyhow. thought of jackie gleason with this ‘bamwar’. and my very ever first post of making one of these pic things. first ever… ever…

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I also have problem with spammers before and reCaptcha solved all of my problem . Just put recaptcha on registration page and not allow guest to make posts. I have experience with php, not Ruby, so can’t help with integration , but hope so this will be ease for intergration : https://github.com/ambethia/recaptcha/

Some time ago I used stop forum spam db ( http://www.stopforumspam.com/ ) for my old forum + key captcha ( https://www.keycaptcha.com/ ). These services are free and surprisingly very good.
Results: from more than 50 spam topics everyday to 1-2 for a month.

Currently I use Akismet for my blog, it is better and don’t require any captcha for registration. But it is free only when there is no much visitors. For this forum it will be pretty expensive.

We should port Bamwar 3 (whatever it is) to OpenFL.