Facebook extension + OpenFL


I’m making a multiplayer game and need Facebook login / UUID / User image etc on iOS and Android.

Has anyone out there got https://github.com/hyperfiction/HypFacebook working with the current version of OpenFL? … been trying for days with no luck at all, if somebody has some working code they can share that would be amazing.

There’s a “share” extension that works with Facebook, though a bit different than getting the profile image, I wonder if the foundational code is similar. I haven’t heard anything recent about HypFacebook, but not sure why it wouldn’t work. Was it built before the Android extension API?

Yeah unfortunately the Facebook SDK is a whole different thing to just sharing stuff with Facebook users, good news though, i found this https://github.com/TBaudon/extension-facebook … which is up-to-date and works fantastically well :slight_smile:

Unfortunately there is no iOS support yet, but it will hopefully be coming soon.

It seems really well made and there’s no working alternative at the moment, might be worth adding to the official extensions?

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@TBaudon do you have objections?

No objections :smile:

What do I have to do to ?

@singmajesty I guess I have to transfer ownership and then be added as contributor on the repo ?

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I just invited you to an OpenFL Github team where you have admin access, this should allow you to transfer any repositories you want, then I can move you to a regular extensions team if your interested, or just for specific repositories :smile:

Thanks, I transfered the repo.
While I can, is there any other extensions of an interest to the community that I should add ?

What about the parse extension (push notification) ? https://github.com/TBaudon/extension-parse


Ho and yes, I’de be interested in being added to the regular extension team :slight_smile: