Extremely slow build time

I’ve installed Haxe 3.2 with neko 2.0 this morning, and HaxeFlixel as well as HaxePunk with lime and openfl, haxelib versions. At first, lime didn’t build properly (it couldn’t find lime.ndll), and I’ve had to rebuild it with -Dlegacy, but otherwise everything appeared to have worked.

Building my old HaxePunk project takes over a minute, and it’s similar to flixel’s HelloWorld, so it’s not specific to project. This further complicates my flow as it breaks Vim’s vaxe plugin.

I’ve noticed, when building, lime starts spawning Haxe processes, 1 to 2 per second, until after a minute or so under -verbose it shows the Haxe command it’s running which finishes everything in split second.

Same thing happens when running off lime HEAD from GitHub. I’m not at position to downgrade my Haxe, if that would potentially solve the issue.

Can anything be done to have this sped up at least order of magnitude, preferably two? Help? :blush:

When you run -verbose, it should tell you what’s going on. Can you tell which commands are running more slowly? Are they the ones where Haxe is compiling your code?

No, there’s no any output until (almost) the very end, and that end runs just fine. Only haxe processes spawning on regular interval (.5-1s) until that point.

Hmm, perhaps it’s an issue with haxelib running slow, the tools do need to run things like “haxelib path”

Hey buddy, so I had exactly the same problem. Haxelib is the problem, as it was happening with other scripts. I managed to resolve it by removing the version of Haxe installed with brew (on osx) and then installing using the official installer. Once that was setup everything runs as you would expect.

Are you using brew/OSX?

Yeah, that was it, I resolved it like so some time ago. Didn’t remember to post here for posterity. :blush:

Oh, I bet this is the haxelib that is “run by Haxe” rather than Neko. This is seriously slower (as I recall) and more brittle likely (to be honest) than a precompiled Neko binary. That’s what the normal releases use, and what I recommend :slight_smile: