External movies

I want to rewrite my original AiR app to OpenFL (release as window app)
I can load and play external SWF when I’ve made a release as Flash app (even I can control that as MovieClip) but it doesn’t work if I change release to window app.
Second question - I need load (and control) external movies (in AiR it was in FLVs)
What will be best format for that movies(mov?) and is it easy to control (play, pause, seek etc) - and it must work in window app …



Does the external SWF have assets, sound, ActionScript? Based on how much of your application is located in the other SWF may mean different answers for what will work better :smile:

Currently, you can play video using either HTML5, or using Bink video (which does cost per platform).

I’m really interested in other video support, but I am afraid of licenses that either encourage users to (unknowingly) owe license cost to some holder, or to us.

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Ye he has.
And it has sometimes more then 16MB :frowning: Of course in some cases I can split that to two/three SWFs…
But I can live without that. I can use SWF just as libraries (with Movieclips) - Can I use more then one SWF library for project?
But the most important thing for me is how to play movies and sounds when I publish to windows platform…
I’ve found something like that - https://github.com/soywiz/haxe-openfl-ffmpeg