External js function is not accessible

I am trying to access an external js function as follows, but it is not working.
I used “untyped” to get past the compiler errors.
Using Haxe 4 , updated in last 15 days.


   function sendToDb(pData){
  		$.post("http://localhost/binsort/insertData.php", pData);


static public function addUserToWinList():Void 
			 var data = {
            username: username_Str,
            won: 0 

		untyped Browser.window.document.sendToDb(data);

Hi Vishwas,
Looks like you need to write an extern to call that function.

I hope that helps.

Here is another tutorial which might be closer to what you need.

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Ok that works. Thanks.

However I noticed that for some reason the extern class must be outside of the app’s package. It does not work if I use it inside the app’s main package.