Extension-share and iOS NSException errors

Hi all,

So I’m using extension-share (version 2.2, everything is up to date with haxelib) to allow for people to message out with a prefab message to twitter, etc. Android works fine, but iOS gives me an NSException error the moment that I call the share() function.

[UIApplication convertRect:toView:] unrecognized selector sent to instance…
Terminating app due to uncaught exception ‘NSInvalidArgumentException’

I use -Dlegacy on Android and believe I’m doing the same on iOS. The device is an iPad running the latest v8 system, with the build targeting the 8.4 SDK.

I’d appreciate any help on this, it seems to me like it’s probably a really dumb thing I’m missing but I’m just not there with it yet!

AFAIK convertRect:toView: is a method of UIView and not of UIApplication. If that’s the case, the error lies in the plugin calling the method on the wrong object.

OK, so after a few rebuilds and tests it looks like the issue is resolved by the following fix…

@fbricker just so you know, the code change to Share.mm in the above link solved my issue.

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Hi all, i also used extension-share and I want to know when the user click the post, when the user click cancel. What can I do. thanks all