Extension-googleplaygames newest version


Hi i have this problem

 AAPT: No resource found that matches the given name (at 'value' with value '@integer/google_play_services_version').

with the newest haxe 3.4.0 and openfl 7.0.0 and lime 6.0.1 what should i do ?


Did you already follow these steps from the README?

Once this is done, you just need to add this to your project.xml

<haxelib name="extension-googleplaygames" />
<setenv name="GOOGLE_PLAY_GAMES_ID" value="32180581421" /> <!-- REPLACE THIS WITH YOUR GOOGLE PLAY GAMES ID! -->

Also, you may need to set android sdk version to 23 or higher (as some versions of google play services requires this:

<android target-sdk-version="23" if="android" />


This one might also be worth checking


it works! thansks you have any suggestion of extensions for using admob, cahrtboots and unity ?
i am currently using samcodes-admob , samcodes-chartboots and openfl-unity but it doesn`t work with the lastest versions