Extending extension-steamworks?

Hi, recently found this extension which looks fantastic:

However I would also like to try adding microtransactions to my game through Steamworks. It doesn’t seem like the extension supports that. Should I try to start a new extension of my own, or download this one and build on it directly from the haxelib directory? This would cause conflicts if there is a future update to the extension itself, but I should be able to manage.

I realize I can fork/pull request to bring changes into the main repository, but I’m usually not the kind to share my own messy code, and I would fear making changes that affect the consistency of the current extension.

Contributions are welcome! Better one growing/improving extension for Steam than multiple :slight_smile:

Fair enough, I’ll keep that in mind. I’m still very shaky with extensions though.

As a starting point, would I jump into the Steam.hx file to put in some mockup methods, then start building those toward the native code? I’m hoping I can just observe and mimic how to wire this up.

Welp, a couple of questions right off the bat : /

When attempting to do ‘haxelib install extension-steamworks’ I just receive “No Such Project”

In the readme it says I need to point the extension to the steam SDK. But where is hxcpp_config? Do I create it? Is it a global file, or per project? Alternatively, can I put something like this in my application.xml:

<include path ="path/to/steam/sdk" />

Looks like it isn’t on Haxelib. Instead, try cloning the GitHub version:

> haxelib git extension-steamworks https://github.com/openfl/extension-steamworks.git

On Windows, it’s in your user folder (C:\Users\YourName\.hxcpp_config). Not sure about other systems. You may need to show hidden files to view it.

I think you’d to this:

<setenv name="STEAMWORKS_SDK" value="path/to/steam/sdk" />

This line will have to come before “<haxelib name="extension-steamworks" />.”