Exporting internal

So stencly was build using haxe and openfl(A game engine) it can export to multiple platforms my question is how can it export internally (inside the program)

Do you mean, adding more platform support to Stencyl (if it does not support all OpenFL targets), or do you mean something different?

I mean how can stencly export it just openfl code itself

Is there a way to export project in code not in terminal

Ultimately, OpenFL projects are built using tools. We have support both for web-based projects using NPM and (optionally, but usually) Webpack. The alternative the Haxe ecosystem with Haxelib, but compiling OpenFL code into an application requires tools that know how to combine your code with assets and other required files to generate APK and other application packages.

We have a way to define OpenFL project files using Haxe, but this still must be compiled with our build tools, so the contents of an OpenFL project get compiled to multiple platforms (it becomes JavaScript or C++) but it still requires external tools (like our NPM workflow or the OpenFL tools) to build your code and add the additional pieces necessary to create applications.

I hope this helps

That still gives me a quesrion because stencly is doiing it and its purely haxe and openfl

I’m not sure I understand the question, but are you saying you want to take a Stencyl project and get an OpenFL project from that?

If that’s what you meant:

Stencyl saves projects in its own format. The OpenFL project is an intermediate step before you get the final game. You’ll need to test your game in Stencyl first to make stencyl generate the OpenFL project for that game.


Then, you can open your workspace and go to the folder where the OpenFL project is saved.


Make sure to open the games-generated folder. That’s where the OpenFL projects are stored. games holds the original Stencyl projects.


Here, Boxing, dialog test, and test game are all OpenFL projects.


@justin_espedal Thanks for the answer i am asking how can stencly build games using haxelib.exe (When you get a build error in stencly log file usally says error with haxelib.exe) i use openfl test windows to compile can i use haxelib to compile openfl instead of openfl

haxelib run openfl test windows does the same as openfl test windows. It assumes that your environment is set up to point to Stencyl’s haxe install, list of haxelibs, and so on.

What error are you getting when you try to test? The Stencyl forums may be a more appropriate place to ask for help.