Examples of how to use OpenFL in Animate CC

Hi! I’m new here.

I’ve already installed the OpenFL extension for Animate CC. But I don’t have the slightest idea of where to start.

How do I code using Animate and how do I get the artworks created in it?

Also can I use HaxeFlixel?



You can use Adobe Animate SWF content in OpenFL, similar to how you would in ActionScript. However, it is like the SWC workflow in ActionScript, rather than working on the timeline.

What does that look like?

Install OpenFL and you there is a “NyanCat” sample you can try that shows a SWF animation:

openfl create NyanCat
cd NyanCat
openfl test flash

If you want to add additional functionality, you can write Haxe code (similar to how you would write ActionScript) sort of like:

var symbol = new MyExportForActionScriptSymbol ();
symbol.textField.text = "Hello";

There is a tutorial that explains more about using SWF assets, here: http://www.openfl.org/learn/tutorials/using-swf-assets/

I’m not sure if HaxeFlixel supports SWF assets by design, but you can use a SWF MovieClip where HaxeFlixel allows movie clips, or use bitmapData.draw to turn a MovieClip into a flat BitmapData, which should definitely work with HaxeFlixel

Some of the SWF asset features will not work with older versions of OpenFL, which HaxeFlixel uses at the moment. Happy to help with any questions you have

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Hi, @singmajesty! Thank you for this quick and awesome reply!

It’s so great to know that is possible to get assets from SWF.

So, what’s the purpose of the OpenFL Plugin?

Because it creates a new document type inside of Animate. So I thought it would be possible to integrate OpenFL and a FLA like the new HTML5 (Canvas) document type does with CreateJS.

Thanks a lot!

It creates an asset bundle, which can be saved directly in an OpenFL asset folder, and will be available in your project. It saves a little bit of configuration in the OpenFL project file. Long-term, I think it would be cool if we could write Haxe frame script in Animate, and make this work with your project. We’re not there yet. The plugin is optional at this point :slight_smile:



It’s already a HUGE help! I’ll look into it.

And sure it would be gold if we could add Haxe frame script in Animate.

Once again, thanks a lot, @singmajesty! Keep it up! \o