Errors (Textfield, Graphics) when compiling for Win/Neko

I’ve just updated Lime and OpenFL for the latest release.
Now I’m trying to compile my app for Windows or Neko target.
And I get these errors:
flash.text.TextField has no field thickness

(this one is werid cause I use openfl.text.TextField;)

openfl._v2.display.Graphics has no field cubicCurveTo

Would appreciate any help with this.

Ok, error with Textfield was y blunder (
But Graphics bug still there. Had to comment it.

I never had this issue in previous version of OpenFL. Did they get rid of cubicCurveTo?

“cubicCurveTo” is a newer feature to the Flash API. The older native rendering engine does not support it, I think the newer (but not yet complete) renderer may, as well as HTML5.

I’ve added a “not implemented” message for the v2 native Graphics class, so instead of a compile error you’ll get a warning message for now while it is not implemented there