Errors in 6.0.1 when targeting HTML5

It’s been a while since I used OpenFL so the first thing I did was upgrade to the latest version.

Current versions:
HaxeLib 3.2.0-rc.3
Haxe 3.2.1
Haxeui 1.8.21
hscript 2.1.1
hxcpp 3.4.64
layout 1.2.1
lime 5.3.0 git [dev:C:\Users\Liam\android/lime/git]
openfl 6.0.1 git [dev:C:\Users\Liam\android/openfl/git]

Here are the errors:

C:/Users/Liam/android/lime/git/lime/_backend/html5/HTML5Renderer.hx:99: characters 38-48 : Too many arguments
C:/Users/Liam/android/lime/git/lime/_backend/html5/HTML5Renderer.hx:132: characters 5-29 : has no field __contextLost (Suggestion: isContextLost)
C:/Users/Liam/android/lime/git/lime/graphics/opengl/GL.hx:916: characters 2-20 : has no field clearDepth (Suggestion: clearDepthf)
C:/Users/Liam/android/lime/git/lime/graphics/opengl/GL.hx:1222: characters 2-20 : has no field depthRange (Suggestion: depthRangef)
C:/Users/Liam/android/lime/git/lime/graphics/GLRenderContext.hx:835: characters 89-97 : Int should be
C:/Users/Liam/android/lime/git/lime/graphics/GLRenderContext.hx:835: characters 89-97 : Int should be js.html.webgl.UniformLocation
C:/Users/Liam/android/lime/git/lime/graphics/opengl/GL.hx:2062: characters 9-38 : has no field getVertexAttribOffset (Suggestions: getVertexAttribf, getVertexAttribfv)
C:/Users/Liam/android/openfl/git/openfl/display/Stage3D.hx:128: characters 22-56 : Cannot access private constructor
C:/Users/Liam/android/openfl/git/openfl/display/Stage3D.hx:128: characters 43-55 : Too many arguments
Build halted with errors.

Not sure where to start with these but I’m guessing something didn’t update properly.
Is there something obvious I’m missing?

Solved it. Just set it to use the install instead of the git clone.
Does that mean my git folder hasn’t updated?

The Git repositories aren’t always as stable as the official releases. That said, glaring errors usually get fixed pretty quickly. Maybe check back tomorrow and try pulling any bug fixes. (Or don’t. You already got everything working.)

Perhaps you had an old OpenFL develop version, building against a new Lime release version? That sort of mismatch can result in strange errors. Newer versions of OpenFL have guards in place to throw an error and not build to try and prevent this kind of confusion, but if you go far enough back we didn’t have that yet :slight_smile:

Yeah I think the last version I used was 4.0.1