Errors after moving to new computer

HI there,
I have just got a new computer.
I installed flash develop and openfl.
All my other projects run fine except the most important one I am actually working on.

when I try to run it from flash develop I get like 130 errors including this one about 30 times :
bin/air/haxe/ApplicationMain.hx:145: characters 3-34 : … Called from macro here
and this
C:/HaxeToolkit/haxe/lib/openfl/9,2,2/lib/flash-externs/src/flash/display/DisplayObject.hx:196: characters 19-28 : … Base field is defined here

thanks guys

Can you try at least HaxeDevelop? Or even VSCode?

Based on the fact that the error is reported in the Flash externs, do I understand correctly that you are targeting Flash or AIR? Or did you mean to build for a different target, like HTML5?

Hi thanks , Yes , i am targeting air.

Can you post the full error message?

DisplayObject.hx:196: characters 19-28 : … Base field is defined here

Because of the “…” I can tell that there should be more details before this part that you didn’t include.