Error with XCode when building for ios

When I run “lime test ios”, I get this result:

I have no idea what file is giving it trouble. Looking at /export/ios/ after this happens, I find that the .xcodeproject file has successfully been created. However, trying to open it with XCode results in:

Does anyone have any idea what’s causing this or how to diagnose the problem? The error in the console suggests that it’s a syntax problem with some XML file, but it isn’t my Project.xml (that was the first thing I checked when I got the error), and I’m not using any other XML files anywhere in project, so I guess it has to be something that is generated by flixel/openfl in the process of creating the XCode project. Thanks in advance for any help!

If it matters, I’m using haxeflixel 4.4.2, openfl 8.3.0, lime 6.4.0, and xcode 9.4.1.

It could be an issue with the Xcode project itself, but I would look at any of the generated PList files first. There should be one or two *.plist files in the directory, see if those look suspicious

There are 5 .plist files in the directory, “Brazen Berry Bonanza-Info.plist” (Brazen Berry Bonanza is the title of my project), “exportOptions-adhoc.plist”, “exportOptions-appstore.plist”, “exportOptions-development.plist”, and “exportOptions-enterprise.plist”. The error on the command line says the problem is on line 58, but none of those files are 58 lines long, so none of them can be the culprit.

Perhaps it’s the spaces in the file name? Try adding <app file="BrazenBerryBonanza" /> to your project.xml

That did it, thanks!