Error with unityads


I try to use unity ads to my project, but when I compile, I have these errors while compiling for Android :

  • a lot of “broken class file?”
  • D8: Program type already present:

Did anyone already have this problem ?

For a reason I don’t know, it seems it is linked to this line in project.xml :

<certificate path="xxxx.keystore" alias="xxxx" password="xxxxxxxxx" if="android" />

It works perfectly without, and I would be happy to understand the reason why if someone can tell me …

My question is then : how do I create a bundle if I can’t link my keystore ?

Really no one knows ? I have the same problem with chartboost … Everything is fine when I build, I can test it on my emulator. But when I try to generate the aab, again : Program type already present:

Absolutely nothing works …

I don’t know, but maybe try on Discord : either the OpenFL one or the Haxe one in the openFL channel