Error with Extern class when using Android target

The code compiles fine with htm5 target. But trying to compile with Android shows this error:

Error: In file included from ./src/boot.cpp:1160:0:

include/myapp/AppViewController.h:104:6: error: ‘MultiplayerExtern’ in namespace ‘::’ does not name a type

::MultiplayerExtern multiplayerExtern_Me;


I have got an Extern class named MultiplayerExtern inside the root package. The class in which it is being used ie. declared and instantiated is AppViewController and resides in package myapp

I was looking for understanding and solution and I found this link:

Looking at which I think I should declare something like this:
public var multiplayerExtern_Me:Std::MultiplayerExtern ;

instead of
public var multiplayerExtern_Me:MultiplayerExtern ;

But that too gives syntax error.
How should I solve it? What is the right way to declare it? Or is the error is not related with this issue either?

I think Externs are not supposed to work with Android. Most probably because Extern deal with an external html file. And such a connection makes sense for html5 but probably doesn’t make any sense in case of Android. I am not sure about my conclusion but that could be the reason an Extern class will always show type-error if used for Android target.