Error when trying to build on any platform

I have tried to install stablexui and it didn’t work and error so I got rid of it and when I try to do something It comes up with this: /usr/lib/haxe/lib/openfl/2,2,8/openfl/display3D/Context3D.hx:33: characters 16-54 : Class not found : UInt and it is painfull all haxelib librarys is upto date

This is interesting, read it

Are you using Haxe 3.1.3 or greater?

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Thanks heaps, i needed to update haxe also what is the difference between the “lime” command and “openfl”?

The openfl command calls the lime tools, it’s mostly what’s most comfortable for you to use, which do you prefer? :smile:

They are a little different when it comes to things like openfl create project or lime create project, though