Error when rebuilding Lime windows

After cloning lime from github following those commands :
git clone --recursive
haxelib dev lime lime
haxelib install format
lime rebuild windows

So the submodules are installed but I get this error :

 - lib/cairo/src/cairo-ft-font.c
Error: cairo-ft-font.c
./lib/cairo/src/cairo-ft-font.c(72) : warning C4005: 'access' : macro redefinition
        c:\haxetoolkit\haxe\lib\lime\lime\project\lib\cairo\src\cairo-compiler-private.h(199) : see previous definition of 'access'
./lib/cairo/src/cairo-ft-font.c(2156) : error C2099: initializer is not a constant

I’m trying to get rid of some crashes at launch on some rare players PCs, crashdumper doesn’t give any crash log. All I got is this from a user :

問題イベント名: BEX
アプリケーション名: RoofRage.exe
アプリケーションのタイムスタンプ: 5b27f5f7
障害モジュールの名前: RoofRage.exe
障害モジュールのタイムスタンプ: 5b27f5f7
例外オフセット: 012d0d03
例外コード: c0000409
例外データ: 00000005
OS バージョン: 6.3.9600.
ロケール ID: 1041
追加情報 1: e424
追加情報 2: e424db071cb1f48031c730cbaae31b41
追加情報 3: edb0
追加情報 4: edb001158013351644c5589adb2b0798

And another one had this glitch before the crash :

Another thing I want to ask but it’s unrelated, I’m caching sounds during the launch to avoid small freeze when playing for the first time and it freezes the game for quite some times, more than 20 seconds. I found that caching .ogg files takes even longer than .wav
I can cache the music during loading screens according to what I need but it’s not convenient because it’s online multiplayer and will have differences in loading time between users.
Is there a way to reduce this caching time ?
Thanks a lot !

I haven’t seen this compile error before, what compiler version are you using?

As for sounds, we decompress into memory fully right now, perhaps streaming sounds would help, though that can introduce more CPU load while they are used

I use the latest Haxe v3.4.7, a fresh new install.

My problem with sounds is that I can’t cache them later in the game because it freezes for few seconds and it looks like it’s going to crash.
I will try streaming the music.

What C++ compiler are you using?

Ah sorry it was visual studio 12.0, I just updated with visual studio 2017 and changed the path in .hxcpp_config.xml
I still get the same error except that now it’s in french.

Are you using the haxelib release or a development build of HXCPP? The last haxelib release doesn’t support 2017, and will pick up older installs instead

Thanks @singmajesty
I can lime rebuild now with the dev version of hxcpp, I still get a warning on /cairo-ft-font.c(72) : C4005: ‘access’ : macro redefinition
But it doesn’t prevent the rebuild.

About streaming sounds to avoid long caching, I had no luck, it says nothing but the sound doesn’t play unfortunately.