Error when loading assets in FireFox

In html5 target, assets got loaded successfully in Chrome& Safary, but in FireFox, I got this error:

data is not defined, in the function:

var haxe_io_Bytes = function(data) {
this.length = data.byteLength;
this.b = new Uint8Array(data);
this.b.bufferValue = data;
data.hxBytes = this;
data.bytes = this.b;

then the assets loading progress bar get stopped, and nothing happen, but more errors like the same above.
How would I know what’s going on with FireFox?

Do you have any information, which code is calling this?

I tried to debug, but I could not in FireFox, however, when I updated to latest version, it worked!

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What did you updated?
Firefox or some library?

I’ve updated FireFox it self