Error when launching app (DT_NEEDED)

Hi everyone,

I have recently starting work on an Android Openfl app (Haxeflixel in fact) but whenever I start the app I get a popup saying there’s a problem with native libraries. The most relevant word I’ve noticed is DT_NEEDED.
Does anyone know what the issue may be? I’ve already tried running
lime rebuild hxcpp android -clean


What version of Android are you running?

Flixel is using an older version of OpenFL, that might not be compatible with the version on your phone out-of-the-box.

That is a 7.0 Android. Is there any way I can solve this issue?

There’s a work-in-process branch that @Gama11 has for HaxeFlixel that is compatible with the latest development versions of OpenFL and Lime. That does mean using GIT versions, but could be a path to making this work.

Perhaps you could try a newer version of OpenFL, and one of the OpenFL samples on your device (such as openfl create DisplayingABitmap, then openfl test DisplayingABitmap android) and see if that works? Make sure you have Java 7 or greater (I believe is the requirement).

If it works with a newer OpenFL release for you, then the newer path for HaxeFlixel might be a lower barrier way to get things running for your device without getting more technical

I already am on that branch. I’m not sure I get you ; lime setup android says I should have Java 6 JDK, not Java 7. What’s your take?

What version of the Android NDK are you running?

openfl setup android is out-of-date, and probably should be removed :frowning:

You need a current Android NDK release (like NDK r13b or newer) and Java JDK 7 or 8 I believe

Ah so the problem probably is with the NDK then! Let me try to update it.

Yeah! Got it to work :slight_smile:
For the record I had to use Java 8 (9 doesn’t work as the toolchain complains that it can’t infer the version from ‘9.0.0’) with Android NDK r15c (r16 doesn’t work… it doesn’t have include folders in platforms, I don’t know why).
We probably need that somewhere in the doc/lime setup.

Thanks @singmajesty !

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