Error to debug Hashlink using vscode Lime extension task


I’m using vscode Lime extension and I’m able to run and debug my lime/openfl code in the html5, flash, and windows (hxccp target) using the tasks created for this effect, but the hashlink target is giving me this error: “Missing HXML file ‘undefined’” followed by a javascript callstack.

I’ve tried to configure the “Hashlink / Debug” task to fetch the right HXML file, but the following message is showed “lime task detection didn’t contribute a task for the following configuration”, meaning that it is ignoring my customized task.

I believe that the problem lies in the fact that the HXML file with the compile options is not set in the HL task. How can I solve this issue without having to create an launch configuration just for this target?

With hashlink-debugger 1.1.0, HashLink debugging should now work out of the box with Lime projects. You don’t really need to configure anything, just an empty “lime” launch config with the “HashLink / Debug” target selected in the status bar:

	"version": "0.2.0",
	"configurations": [
			"name": "Build + Debug",
			"type": "lime",
			"request": "launch"
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Thanks for your reply.

Yes, the new version hashlink-debugger 1.1.0 works and I can confirm that it’s out of the box for lime/openfl.

Thank you very much.