Error: [email protected]_stat


I just upgraded to openFL 5.1.0, I try to build my project, but I get this error:

✗ time haxelib run lime build “myapp-client.xml” html5 -Dcanvas -release -v

Lime Command-Line Tools (5.0.0)

Initializing project…
Using project file: myapp-client.xml
Reading Lime config: /Users/Apple/.lime/config.xml
Using target platform: HTML5

Running command: UPDATE

  • Running command: neko /usr/local/lib/haxe/lib/lime/5,0,0/tools/haxelib.n run openfl process /var/folders/8g/p8wtd8g17z973rpjrz5dx4_h0000gn/T//temp_4673145 /var/folders/8g/p8wtd8g17z973rpjrz5dx4_h0000gn/T//temp_12521471 -verbose --targetDirectory=/Users/Apple/Documents/projects/myapp-website/public/assets/lab/html5/release
  • Processing library: assets-swf/library.swf [SWF]
    Error: [email protected]_stat
✗ haxe -version                                                              

Please advice.

Same issue here, OpenFL 5.1 is not compiling : Error: [email protected]_stat
Windows 10, Haxe 3.4.2, Win/Cpp target.

First time i try to compile i also get the following error :
Error: [file_contents,/templates/swf/MovieClip.mtt]

SWF assets related issue?

Run openfl upgrade to get 5.1.1 that was just released, this issue should be resolved :slight_smile:

Thanks @singmajesty , I have upgraded openfl and lime, I can compile successfully, but the result is gray div, no loading bar, and nothing… but gray

I do embed the js file as:

lime.embed (aHolderID, 0, 0, { parameters: {} });

before updating to latest version, I used to embed as:

lime.embed(aHolderID, 0, 0, "EEEEEE");

Please advice

Take a look at the OpenFL template here:

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The link above is broken, how can I set the background color when using lime.embed ?

It was moved into assets I think.

(if you want to link to current commit version of the file, not always the most recent or in this case nonexistent, press Y while on the file page)