Error: OutsideBounds on html5 when using SWF library

Hi guys, after a lot of fiddling and researching and retrying I was finally able to load bytes from a swf file on HTML5.
The next step was to load these bytes to a SWF instance to create a movieclip from the bytes. The ByteArray length is 195646 and is matching the file size. And this is when I get this error in the web console. Here is the content of the function after the swf file was loaded:

        var loader = cast(, URLLoader);
        var dbyteArray:Dynamic =;
        trace( "byteArray : " + dbyteArray );

        var byteArray:Dynamic = cast dbyteArray;

        trace( "byteArray : " + byteArray.length );
        var swfba = new SWF(byteArray);
        // The execution stops here with the error "OutsideBounds"
        trace( "swfba : " + );
        var mc = swfba.createMovieClip();
        trace( "mc : " + mc );

Am I doing something wrong?

Sorry for the delay, new SWF is not compatible with HTML5 but you can use the standard SWFLite approach :smile:

No problem, Joshua, I was preoccupied with other projects. :slight_smile:

So, does that means I need to declare all the swf’s in Project.xml?
I would like to dynamically upload a swf which it’s name is provided in a loaded XML. Is it possible with HTML5 target?
I know that converting things to sprite sheets and png files will be a better solution, but for now I’m looking for the faster solution.