Error on opening andriod app

I have generated android apk file using openfl build android command. When I am installing that apk file into my phone and then opening that app then I am getting following error message:

SDL Error

An error occurred
while trying to start the
application. Please try
again and/or reinstall.

Error: dlopen failed: cannot
locate symbol "__atomic
referenced by "/data/app/

Can any one help me how to fix this error?

This was solved on the Haxe Discord, steps :

Yes now the app is opening on mobile phone. Now when the app is running on the mobile phone then there are problems in inputting text. When I am starting input name in the text box then the characters are not appearing in the text box parallel. After pressing space all characters entered before appear at a glance. Why it is behaving like this? What could be solution. While entering email address when I am entering email address as [email protected] then it is not accepting com. On home page the value of email is being displayed as abc@xyz. These problems are not when I am running the program on browser. It happens only when I am running the app on mobile phone. What could be the reason behind it? Can you please help me?

I can’t help, sorry : I have 0 experience on mobile with Haxe.

If you can, maybe make a short video capture of what happens as that could help people to help you ?

Thanks. I have created a short video. But where to upload it? I am not able to upload here.

Here is the link to the video Registration Form