Error No class registered for interface

Hi guys please help me:disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:
When I start my openFl project, it shows me an error. And the cause of this error i think is that it does not initialize or load an instance of systemManager.hx

Singleton.hx:83: Error No class registered for interface 'mx.managers::ILayoutManager’

PS:The same code in a purely as3 project it works very well

Perhaps you could use a new openfl.utils.Dictionary<String, Class <Dynamic>>, an object might not work properly with colons in the field names

Hello again,
This solution does not work because the problem is: in flex my application can preload one or more resource modules at startup before displaying the user interface so this initializes and loads my instances … so it’s great
But in openFl this is not the case, my classes are not instantiated, my instances are not initialized (they are nulls).
In my case systemManager is not instantiated and I do not know where I can instantiate?That’s why ‘c’ is null and and displays this error **'No class registered for interface ISystemeManager '**so we can’t get instance

I had thought this was an issue of storing the class references. This was what I meant:

class Singleton

private static inline var VERSION = "";

private static var classMap = new Dictionary<String, Class<Dynamic>> ();

public static function registerClass(interfaceName:String, clazz:Class<Dynamic>):Void
    if (!classMap.exists(interfaceName))
        classMap[interfaceName] = clazz;

public static function getClass(interfaceName:String):Class<Dynamic>
    return classMap[interfaceName];

public static function getInstance(interfaceName:String):Dynamic
    if (!classMap.exists(interfaceName))
        throw "Error: No class registered for interface '" + interfaceName + "'.";
    return Type.createInstance(classMap[interfaceName], []);


However, maybe the issue is elsewhere. We don’t have Flex classes in OpenFL, what do you use LayoutManager for? Does your whole application use Flex, or only a couple features?

Yes i know that in openfl there are no flex classes and my application it is purely openfl but i mean i have worked the same application in flex is works very well but in openfl either because flex uses resource modules which allows my application to initialize and preload instances before it displays its user interface.
My question is :what there is an equivalent in openfl??

I’m not sure, I haven’t worked with this in Flex before, but I do remember having serious performance issues when I used Flex in the past.

Are these fetching assets from disk, as in a preloader, or creating instances of code that is already available? Perhaps this is not needed as much on other platforms