"Error: Http Error #403" while running "haxelib run openfl setup" in command prompt

On executing “haxelib run openfl setup”, lime-samples does not get installed and I get the following error.

lime is up to date
hxcpp is up to date
Downloading lime-samples-7,0,0.zip…
Download complete : 67578 bytes in 4.3s (15.1KB/s)
Error: Http Error #403

How do I solve it?

Perhaps some issues with your network connection… Does that always happen / have you tried to repeat it?

yes i have repeat it several times but it gives the same error.

Perhaps you can try downloading manually to work around this for now

Download the ZIP file then run haxelib install <path/to/zip file> manually

Thank you for your help. I appreciate it. I have found the issue…my firewall was blocking that site due to which i was getting that error.