Error: Could not process asset libraries (swflite)

Error: Could not process asset libraries (swflite)

I’m getting the above error when using the master git brunch of OpenFL and building a project which contains swf assets
<library id="MapAssets" path="../core/xfl/MapAssets.swf" type="swflite" preload="false" generate="true" />

Does anyone have any insight into the cause of this issue?

Switching back to the haxelib version seems to resolve this issue, but that causing incompatibility problems with the version of lime that I’m using.

Can you run openfl rebuild tools to rebuild the OpenFL tools? Does that help?

Oh interesting… wasn’t aware that openfl had tools that can be rebuilt…
I had rebuilt the lime tools, but not the openfl ones (are they different?)

Seems like rebuilding the openfl tools creates a new error (along with the last one)
Error: Enum not found lime.project.AssetType
Error: Could not process asset libraries (swflite)

I presume you’re on the develop branch for both OpenFL and Lime right?
Are you on Windows or Mac?

That got renamed to hxp.project.AssetType in the current HXP on Haxelib, but I’ll try and look at this soon